The Delusions & Confusions of a Neurotic Madman

Apr 19

Apr 17

Roots (Musique the Solace of my Mind) (c) Sean Feehan 2014

The creator
The bringer and the giver
The solace of my mind
Through all steps in time
Brings you peace and love
Sanctuary and harmony

The medium of our will
A conduit of stories we tell
The truth, our truth
And spirit of our hearts
To bring you peace
And vibrations of our love
To seek asylum

Apr 13



Have any of you heard


of subculture practised in


Botswana, Africa?


It’s a heavy metal subculture


that some describe as


"Cowboy Metalheads"












(I found out about them because of this cracked article)

This shit is awesome.

(via sqquishy)

Mar 31


Mar 17

Lyrics/Making up our minds

Making up our own minds
Flying through space and time
Wake up what’s dormant behind these eyes
Breathe in the beauty of this life

Making up our own minds
Now is the place and time
To open our hearts and eyes
To The possibilities of our lives

Aaahhh ahhhh

We will no longer listen to your lies
We can make up our own minds
You can no longer tell us what to do
Start a revolution from our minds

We will no longer be imprisoned by fear
We can make up our own minds
We will no longer tolerate your lies
Start a revolution from our minds

Feb 11

A (previous)State of Being

7 September 2011 at 18:31

Reality displacement. Disassociation from the self. Life affirming questions align like dominoes waiting for some benevolent force to topple its very existence. Channeling the mind to stay focused on what is believed to be true and virtuous, only to find that what one dreams could be what they see on a day to day basis. Fractals dance and merge from one another as carnal pleasure becomes a priority, to distinguish one from a beast is the cause of my ambivalence. The facades getting thin, the mask is melted down, and all I see is hallucinations of oneself floating through natures causalities manifested in the mind.

The grass is....

The grass is….

Feb 06


Feb 03

Band practice times

Band practice times

Feb 01

Although. In hindsight, it kinda looks like a big black cock

Although. In hindsight, it kinda looks like a big black cock

Jan 31

Disolving the mind box

Nerves running wild like fire through my hastily thinning blood.

Millions of tiny pixies running riot in my minds sandbox with placards and chants, setting fire to parked thought, praying for the moment when Mt Anxious explodes over the populus and eradicates all thought to a cu de ta of numbness and stillness, preventing any presence of what was known of myself.

Everything trembles
Everything shakes
My mind aches

Spinetingling terror
As potential dignity
Flows down a sewer

"Get a hold of yourself man"
“Dont give into the fear”
To be fair, all these quotes and cliches just made the bus fare outta here…